The Legacy of Alcohol

Do you know what a legacy is? If your father should die and leave to you a fine house or farm, or money in the bank, or books, or automobiles, or any other thing to have for your own, it would be a legacy. When a person gets anything in this way from a parent we say that he inherits it.

We inherit a great many things besides houses and lands and other kinds of property. For instance, perhaps you have eyes and hair the same color as your mother's, and your nose and chin are like your father's. So you have inherited the color of your hair and eyes from your mother and the shape of your chin and nose from your father.

The Alcohol Legacy: We inherit our brains just as we do our faces. So, if a man spoils his brain with alcohol and gets an alcohol appetite, his children will likely have an appetite for alcohol also, and may become drunkards. What a dreadful kind of legacy to inherit!

If a mother drinks alcohol when she is expecting a baby that poor little one will be born already an alcoholic with its little brain already hurt and will go through the symptoms of DTs just like a grown person quitting alcohol may do. All its life it will have to live with the damage done by alcohol to its little unborn body. What a cruel thing alcohol is in our world!

There is good news though, if you are someone who has been damaged like this, talk to Jesus about it and give yourself completely to Him. He will give you power to beat the alcohol appetite and can restore and bless your mind and body if you trust in Him and choose to obey Him.

There is a promise in the Bible that says: “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…” Joel 2:25. This means that the harm that sin has done to us, our own or the sins of others, will be undone by a special blessing from Jesus, if we give our hearts to Him and trust in Him. =^..^=


What Alcohol Does to Brains & Nerves

Did you ever see someone who was drunk? How did they act? Perhaps they were noisy and silly. Perhaps they were angry and tried to pick a fight with someone.

What made them drunk? You say whiskey, wine, or beer that he drank. Anything that contains alcohol will make a person drunk, for it is the alcohol that causes the problem.

You can often tell when a person has been drinking, even when not yet drunk, by their flushed face and red eyes. When a man drinks just enough alcohol to make his face blush a little, the extra amount of blood in the brain makes him think and talk more lively, and he can feel very cheerful and happy. This makes many people think that alcohol does them good. But if we notice what people say when under the influence of alcohol, we find that their remarks are very silly and careless. They say very unwise and foolish things, and feel sorry later when they become sober.

How does a drunken man walk? He staggers. Alcohol makes his brain and spinal cord become partly paralyzed, and not do their work properly, and when he tries to walk he reels and stumbles along, often falling down, and even hurting himself. The alcohol has put his spinal cord and brain in kind of a sleep so that he cannot make his legs do what he wants them to do. Now, if he drinks still more alcohol, he may become so drunk that he will "pass out" and look as if he is dead, that is why some say he is "dead drunk." It is very harmful to organs of your body to become dead drunk. Especially does it hurt the brain, destroying thousands of important brain cells that help us to think and function.

A small amount of alcohol does not make a man dead drunk, but it still poisons and paralyzes his brain and nerves just according to the amount he takes.

If a person holds a little alcohol in his mouth for a few moments, the tongue and cheeks feel numb. This is because the alcohol paralyzed them so that they cannot feel or taste. When taken into the stomach, it has the same kind of effect on the nerves of the whole body.

Alcohol is a Deceiver; a hungry man takes a drink of whiskey and numbs the nerves of his stomach so that he does not feel hungry. Alcohol puts to sleep the sentinels which Jesus, our Creator has placed in the body to warn us of danger. A man who is cold, drinks alcohol and feels warm, though he is really colder. He lies down in his false comfort and can freeze to death. A tired man takes his glass of strong drink, beer, or wine, and feels rested and strong, though he is really weaker than before. A poor man gets drunk and feels so rich that he spends what little money he has. The alcohol steals away his good sense. Alcohol is always a cheat and a deceiver.

When a person drinks strong liquor regularly, they soon injure the brain and nerves, so that they are very irritated, and at night they cannot sleep well and have frightful dreams. They see all sorts of wild animals and horrid shapes in their dreams. Perhaps you have sometimes had nightmares from eating big late suppers or hard-to-digest food.

Did you ever have a dream when you were awake? If a man drinks a great deal he is likely to have a terrible disease known as delirium tremens, (DTs) in which he sees the same frightful things when he is wide awake that he dreams about when he is asleep. This is one of the terrible effects of alcohol upon the brain and nerves.

You have seen how a drunk staggers when he walks. Did you ever see a man who walked just as though he were drunk when he was really sober? This is because part of the brain or spinal cord has been permanently injured or paralyzed. Alcohol is not the only cause of this disease, and so you must not think every person who staggers is a drunkard; but alcohol can cause this problem.

When a man is under the influence of alcohol, is his character good or bad? Most men behave badly when they are drunk, and after they have been drunk a great many times they often behave badly all the time. A great many people who are shut up in prisons would not have been sent there if they had never learned to drink. Since Jesus wants us to have good characters, it is wise for us to avoid anything that will hurt us and cause us to do bad things. =^..^=