Ronnie was a good boy. He was obedient and helpful. And he was kind and polite to everyone. He used to say, "yes sir," and "Yes Ma'am." and "Please" and "Thank you," and he loved to run errands to the store for his mother or for the neighbors. The store keeper was a nice man too, and he liked Ronnie and often when Ronnie came to his store on an errand, he would give him an all day sucker, or a candy-bar.


Ronnie would say, "Thank you sir." and pop it right into his mouth. Sometimes Ronnie would say to his mother, "Please mother, may I buy some candy today?" And his mother would say, "I’m afraid too much candy isn’t good for you, Ronnie. But you’ve been so good, here’s some money. You can buy yourself some candy this time."

And Ronnie would be so happy he would dance up and down with delight, for you see, Ronnie just loved candy! And he ate as much as he could every chance he got.

Well, one day, his mother sent Ronnie to the store to get some milk and bread and fruit and she also gave him some change to buy some candy for himself. After putting the milk and bread and fruit in a sack and giving it to Ronnie; the storekeeper also gave him an all day sucker, and two candy-bars. Ronnie stuffed them into the pockets of his jacket and then bought a small sack of jelly-beans with his change.

He was sure going to have a feast this time! And as he left the store, he popped two jelly-beans into his mouth to start with and carried the rest of them in his hand.

He hadn’t gone very far when he met three of his playmates, Jack, Paul, and Wally. They took one look at him and saw the candy in his pockets, in his mouth and in the little sack in his hand. "Oh-Ho", said Jack, "Here’s Ronnie, plum full of candy! Let’s play Robbers and get some of it!"

"Yeess’" said Paul with a grin, "Let’s do that!" The three of them laughed, "Ha-Ha Ha-Ha HAA!"

But Ronnie said, "Oh, NO you don’t! I’ll be glad to share my candy with you, but I don’t like Robbers! And I don’t want to play Robbers. Robbers are bad men who go snooping around in the dark. They knock you on the head and try to steal your money! I wouldn’t play with Robbers!"

"I like sharing better, too," said Wally. "So do we!" said Jack and Paul and they held out their hands for some of Ronnie’s candy.

Ronnie gave the sucker to Jack and a candy-bar each to Paul and Wally and then he said, "Here, you can have the jelly-beans too, I’ve had all I want. My tooth is beginning to ache!"

The three boys said, "Thanks Ronnie! You’re a swell guy! We sure like playing with you!" and then went on their way.

Ronnie walked on towards home but that tooth sure was aching! And the nearer to home he got– the tooth ached more and more. It seemed to go Thumm Thumm Thumm! Until he felt sure it would knock his head off!

"Mother! Mother!," he cried as he ran into the house, "My tooth aches something awful!" 

"Open your mouth and let me see," Said Mother.

Ronnie put the sack of food on the table and then opened his mouth. He pointed to the tooth that was giving him the trouble. "Oh-ho." said Mother, "Yes, I can see. There’s a little brown hole in that tooth. I’ll have to take you to the Dentist."

Ronnie lay down on the couch with a hot water bottle against his cheek, while Mother telephoned the Dentist for an appointment.

"Bring him in right away," said the Dentist. So Mother got the car out and off they went.

Soon Ronnie was sitting in the Dentist’s chair with all the shining drills and tools around him. And there was the Dentist in his white coat, smiling right at him.

" Well. What seems to be the matter, Ronnie?" asked the Dentist.

"My tooth hurts, something awful!" said Ronnie. "OK, Open your mouth and let me see," said the Dentist. Then he picked up a shiny little poker and poked around here and there ‘til he touched the sore spot and made Ronnie jump.

"Oh-Ho," said the Dentist, "I see Ronnie, that you have been playing with Robbers!"

Ronnie shook his head, "No sir, I haven’t! The boys wanted to play Robbers with me, but I wouldn’t do it. I don’t like Robbers!"

  "Oh I don’t mean that kind of Robbers, with two legs," said the Dentist. "I mean a Robber that gets inside of your mouth and steals!"

"A Robber? Inside my mouth?"

"Yes, He is so nice and sweet, you’d never think he was a bad Robber! But once he gets inside your mouth– He steals! I know his name, would you like me to tell you what it is?"

"Oh, Yes!"

"Well, it’s CANDY!"


"Yes, CANDY is one of the worse Robbers there is. Didn’t you eat some candy today?"

"Oh, Yes, and yesterday too, and almost every day. But how can candy steal?"

"Listen, and I’ll tell you. A Robber is someone who takes things that don’t belong to him, Right?"


"Well, your teeth belong to you, and candy has taken a piece of your tooth. That’s why I call candy a Robber."

"But, How???"

"Just listen now– Our body’s need energy and this can come from the natural sugars found in apples, oranges, dates figs, bananas and many other foods. But sugar can’t work for our bodies all by itself. It has to have work-mates called vitamins and minerals to work with it. The natural sugar in fruits, vegetables and other foods carries its vitamin and mineral help-mates along with it. So together they build.

Sugar that is put into those sweet things that you like so much, like candy, cake and ice-cream. This sugar does not carry along its help-mates! Instead it robs our bodies of vitamins and minerals needed for keeping our teeth healthy. It causes the inside of our teeth to begin to loose their strength against the decay germs that destroy teeth. This is why I call CANDY a ROBBER!

Now I’ll have to clean up that hole where candy has stolen some calcium from one of your teeth and plug it up with cement so it won’t ache any more. "

So the Dentist’s grinder went grr-rr-rr-rr, and Ronnie went, "oh, oh Ow" for it didn’t feel very nice. But soon it was all done and Ronnie’s tooth didn’t ache any more.

"Goodbye Ronnie," Said the Dentist.

"Good-bye," said Ronnie.

"Now don’t go playing Robbers with candy any more!" said the Dentist.

"I won’t, No-o I won’t!" said Ronnie.

"And remember to get your sugar from fruits and dates and figs and carrots!" said the Dentist.

"I will! I sure will! I sure will!" said Ronnie.

And he really meant it!