WHY did God let me hit John?" Bobby asked his mother. "It was bad. Yes, it was."

His mother smiled at him.

"Why, Bobby," she said, "God doesn't make you be good."

"Why doesn't he?"

"Because that isn't what God is like. He lets you decide. God helps you to know what is a good way to act and what is a bad way to act. God helps you to do what is good."

"How does he help me?"

"One way is by helping you to remember that hitting people hurts them," Bobby's mother told him.

"I did remember," Bobby said. "Before I hit John I remembered. I wanted to hurt him."

"Then, you see, you would not let God help you. You would not listen. You decided to do your way."

Bobby thought awhile. "It would be better if I had listened. My way was not a good way."

All that the Lord speaketh, that I must do. NUMBERS 23:26

I am with thee, saith the Lord. JEREMIAH 30:11

The Lord is near unto all them that call upon him. PSALMS 145:18


DOES God love me always?" Bobby asked his mother.

"You can be sure of it, Bobby. God loves you always."

"When I am good?"

"Yes, when you are good, God loves you."

"And when I am naughty?"

"When you are naughty, God loves you, too."

Bobby thought awhile. "Why does God love me when I am naughty?"

"God does not love the naughty ways, but he loves you."

"Then maybe I'd better not be naughty any more. But sometimes I forget."

"Most of us forget sometimes, Bobby. Even big people like Mother and Daddy. And sometimes we just want to do what is bad."

"Then what do you do?" Bobby wanted to know.

"Then we tell God we are sorry, and God forgives us and helps us to want to do what is good, and to remember."

"If I tell him I am sorry will he forgive me and help me to remember?"

"You may count on it, dear. You see, God loves you."

Thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive. PSALMS 86:5


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