BOBBY showed his mother a picture of Jesus. His teacher at church had given it to him.

"Tell me about Jesus," he asked.

"God loves us so much, Bobby, that he sent his son, Jesus; to tell us about it."

"How did Jesus tell us?"

"He did more than just tell us. He showed us. He helped those who were sick. He played with the little children and told them stories. He was kind to those who were sad. He said, `See, I love you. That is why I want to help you. God loves you, too. And God wants to help you, too.'"

"Did the people listen to him?"

"Many of them did. And they understood about God's love. Jesus showed them what it meant. They said, `God is like Jesus. He loves us.’"

"Were the people glad?"

"Those who listened to Jesus were very glad, Bobby. They felt happy. They said, `We feel all made over. We are not sad or afraid any more. We know God loves us, whatever happens to us.'"

"What else did Jesus tell the people?" Bobby asked.

"He told them God's plan for them. He told them how God wanted them to live together. He said, `Love one another. Help one another. Share with one another.'"

"What did the people do?"

"Some of them said, ‘Jesus is telling us God's plan for us. It is a good plan. It will make people happy. We will live the way he says.’"

"What did the other people do?"

"The other people did not listen to Jesus. They did not want to know God's plan for them. They wanted to have their own way. And they made many people unhappy."

"If I had been there I would have listened," Bobby said. "Would you, Bobby? I am glad. What Jesus said is still God's plan for us. We can listen to him now."

God loved us, and sent His Son, 1 JOHN 4:10


WHY should I let Susan play with my wagon?" Bobby asked his mother. "I want to play with it myself."

His mother smiled. "Let me ask you a question first, Bobby. Why should Daddy fix your wagon when he wants to read the paper?"

Bobby looked surprised. "Why, I asked him to."

"You were glad he fixed your wagon, weren't you? You liked it because he did?"

"Yes, I liked it. I needed my wagon."

"You see how it is, Bobby. Daddy stopped doing something he wanted to do so he could do something you wanted him to do. And you like it."

Bobby looked at his mother a moment.

"Is that why it is good to let Susan play with my wagon? Because she likes it?"

"I think so, dear. I think that is part of God's plan for us. He wants people who live together to do things for each other. He wants us to make each other happy."

"Even if we don't want to?" Bobby wanted to know.

His mother laughed. "Well, Bobby, if you try it awhile maybe you will find out that you do want to. Mother and Daddy want to do what you like. That is what loving people means."

Let us love one another: for love is of God. I JOHN 4:7


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