BOBBY was feeling cross. "I wanted that radish to grow," he said. "Why didn't God make it grow, Mother?"

"I can think of one reason, Bobby. You forgot to water it."

"God could make it grow anyway. He can do anything."

"Anything that it is right for him to do, dear. But God has planned it so that there are some things he leaves for us to do," Bobby's mother explained.

"But sometimes we forget."

"Yes, sometimes we forget. And sometimes we do not take time to learn to do what God depends on us to do."

"Does God get angry with us when we forget?" Bobby wanted to know.

`I do not think God is angry with us, Bobby. He loves us, you see, even when we do not do the things we should. But I think he is sorry.

"And he doesn't do it for us? Like watering the garden, I mean."

"Do you think it would be a good plan if he did? If he treated you as if you were baby Mary who has to have everything done for her?"

"I would not like to be treated like the baby," Bobby decided. "I should have remembered to water my garden."

We are workers together with God. I CORINTHIANS 3:9

My Father worketh ... and I work. JOHN 5:17


BOBBY was looking at the stars. There were big bright stars, and there were tiny little stars, and they made pictures in the sky.

"How many stars are there, Mother?" he asked.

"There are many, many more than anyone can count, Bobby."

"I want to know all about the stars," he said.

"Some day you may know much more than you know now, dear. But only God knows all about the stars."

"Why can't I know all about them, too?" Bobby asked.

"Only God is great enough to know all about his world. There are many things that we can only wonder about."

God doeth great things past finding out ... and wonders without number. JOB 9:10


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