"I AM thirsty," Bobby told his mother when he came in from play. So he had a glass of cool water.

"I like water when I am thirsty," he said.

"So do all people, Bobby. That is why God plans for us to have water to drink."

"And for Rover? And for all the dogs, too?"

His mother nodded her head.

"And the birds and the rabbits and the cows, too?" Bobby went on.

"Yes," his mother answered, "God plans water for all creatures. And for the flowers and trees, too. God knows that every living thing needs water."

"That is why it rains," Bobby said. "I don't like it to rain. I like to play in my yard." He thought awhile. "But I think the trees like the rain."

"I think they do, too."

Just then Bobby saw that the sun was not shining. He looked out. There were dark clouds in the sky.

Bobby ran out of doors, and then he ran back in again.

"It's going to rain! It's going to rain right now!" he called to his mother.

"Let's put the windows down quickly," his mother said.

So Bobby and his mother hurried from room to room and put down the windows. And just as they had closed the last window, splashes of rain fell against the glass.

"Here it comes! It is going to be a big rain. The trees will have a big drink of water today."

Everyone that thirsteth, come ... to the waters. ISAIAH 55:1

God sendeth the springs into the valleys.... They give drink to every beast of the field. PSALMS 104:10, 11

Bobby watched the rain making little rivers down the window glass. "Where does the rain go?" he wanted to know. "The part the trees don't need."

"I can't tell you where all of it goes, Bobby. But some of it goes to rivers. Men put some pipes in the rivers and the water runs through the pipes to our house."

Bobby turned on the water in the bathtub. "And I can have a bath," he said. "I think we need lots of water. It's a good thing God thought of water for us, isn't it, Mother?"

God giveth rain upon the earth,

And sendeth waters upon the fields. JOB 5: 10


Fear not ... I will help you. ISAIAH 41:10

THE wind was blowing hard. The lightning was making big flashes in the sky. The thunder was rolling with a loud noise. Bobby sat near his mother on the couch.

"It is making too much noise," he said.

"It is making a big noise, Bobby. Suppose we watch the lightning. We call the noise thunder, but really it is the lightning that causes the noise."

"I don't see why God makes it so noisy. It makes people afraid. It might hurt people, too."

"I think there is a reason for lightning, Bobby."

"But why does God let it hurt people sometimes?"

"We do not know all about our world, dear. Not even the wisest men. We do not know all about lightning yet. But God knows. Some day we may know."

"Will God keep it from hurting us?"

"Look, Bobby. Look at the fire in the fireplace. How good it feels on this stormy night! But what would happen if you put your hand in the fire?"

"It would hurt. But I wouldn't do that. I know better."

"Of course you do! You know about fire. But what about the baby? Mary doesn't know about fire yet. If she should put her hand in the fire she would get burned."

"Yes, she would. So we watch her."

"That is the way it has to be, Bobby."

Bobby thought it over.

"The fire has to be hot to keep us warm," he said.

"Fire is good because it keeps people warm. God planned it because we need it. But it hurts when anyone puts his hand in it."

"We have to learn about it," Bobby decided.

"That is the way it is. We have to learn about things in our world. Sometimes they hurt us because we do not know about them," his mother said.

"Like lightning?" Bobby asked.

"Maybe lightning is like that. We haven't learned all about it yet. But we are learning more about it all the time. And some day we may know as much about it as we know about fire now."

Bobby thought awhile. "Does God know all about it now?" he asked.

"Yes, dear, God knows all about it now."

I am with you, and will keep you. GENESIS 28: 5

What time I am afraid, I will put my trust in thee. PSALMS 56:3


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