BOBBY and Susan, who lived next door, were playing, in the yard They were making up a song.

"I like the sunshine," Bobby sang, making up his own tune.

"I like the flowers," Susan sang, making up her tune.

Bobby's mother came out in the yard.

"Let's gather some flowers for the house," she said.

"Red flowers, and white flowers, and yellow flowers," Bobby went on with the song, while they walked from bush to bush.

"Pink flowers and blue flowers," Susan added to the song.

When their basket had enough flowers for the house, Bobby and his mother and Susan sat down on the grass under a tree.

They touched the smooth petals of the flowers. They looked at the sunny blue sky. They watched the leaves wave in the breeze.

"God planned the world to be a beautiful place," Bobby's mother said.

"Did God think of everything?" Bobby asked.

"What is it you are wondering about, dear?"

"Flower petals and the leaves. Did he plan little things, too?"

"Some of the nicest things in all the world are little things, Bobby. Little sea shells that have tiny rooms, and little butterflies that have lovely wings, and little birds that make gay music."

"Does God think of them all?" Susan asked.

"God is very great, Susan. God can think of more things than we can. We do not know how he thinks of everything. Some of his most beautiful thoughts are thoughts of the little things."

Not one of them is forgotten before God. LUKE 12:6


Give us day by day our daily bread. LUKE I 1:3

"IT'S time to eat! It's time to eat!" Bobby sang, as he sniffed the pleasant smells coming from the kitchen.

"Oh, no, Bobby. It is only four o'clock," his mother told him.

"But I smell it."

"I am making some peach preserves –the kind Daddy likes so much. And they do smell nice."

"Um-m-m," Bobby sniffed. "Peach preserves! May I have some?"

"I think we may have some for supper. They seem to be almost ready. When Daddy comes we will have a surprise for him."

Bobby stood near the stove and watched the thick, bubbling preserves.

"I am glad you plan good food for us," he told his mother.

"I like to help plan your food, Bobby. But other people help too, you know. And God plans it first of all."

"How does he? You do it right in this very kitchen."

"Not all by myself, dear. There would not be any food if it were not for God's plan."

"Show me," Bobby asked.

His mother looked at the peach preserves. They needed a little while longer to cook. She could leave them.

She went over to the table and showed Bobby a carrot.

"It is muddy," Bobby said.

"It grew in the ground. Once it was a little seed. Somebody planted it and covered it with earth. The sunshine warmed it. The rain watered it. And it grew and grew until it was a carrot with a green, feathery top."

"Then what happened?"

"When it was ready to be food, someone pulled it out of the ground and someone brought it to our house. And I will clean it and cook it for your supper. But it was God who planned for it to grow. Without God there would not be any carrots."

"I like carrots," Bobby said. Then he remembered the pleasant smell. "And I like peach preserves, too. Did God plan them?"

His mother laughed. "I am not sure about the preserves, dear. I think God planned the fruit trees and left it to us to plan how we would use the fruit."

Give thanks unto the Lord ... who giveth food to all. PSALMS 136:1, 25


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