GOD loves you, Bobby," his mother told him.

"Does he love Mary, too?" Bobby wanted to know.

"Yes, dear, God loves the baby, too."

"The way you love us? And Daddy?"

"The way we love you, Bobby, and even more than that."

Bobby thought awhile. "Then he must love us a lot," he said.

"More than you can ever know. He loves you and cares for you."

"How does God take care of me?" Bobby asked. "I have you and Daddy."

"One of the ways God takes care of children is by planning families. In families there are mothers and daddies and children. God depends upon the mothers and daddies to help him take care of the children."

"And does he depend on the children to help take care of the little babies?" Bobby asked.

"I am sure he does, dear. He depends on you to help take care of Mary."

Bobby hugged his mother. "I am glad God planned families."

His mother laughed. "So am I, Bobby."

He careth for you. I PETER 5:7

The Lord is thy keeper. PSALMS 121:5

God is love. I JOHN 4:8


WILL GOD take care of me so I won't get hurt?" Bobby asked his mother. "And Mary, too?"

"God does not want any little children to get hurt, Bobby. He loves them. He plans for helpers to take care of them."

"Then why do children get hurt sometimes?" Bobby asked.

"I can tell you some of the reasons, dear. Sometimes the daddies and the mothers and the other big people do not help God take care of the children the way God planned."

"And sometimes the children do not do what their mothers and daddies and the other big people tell them," Bobby said.

"And sometimes people do not think about other people and hurt them," his mother added.

"When they drive too fast?" Bobby asked.

"Yes, that is one way. And then sometimes the children do not use their eyes and their ears the way God planned for them to do," his mother went on.

Bobby thought a minute. "Like today when I almost ran into the street without looking," he remembered.

His mother nodded her head. "God planned for us to see and to hear so we can help Him take care of ourselves."

The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them. PROVERBS 20:12

The Lord hath been mindful of us. PSALMS 115:12

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