"DOES God love everybody?" Bobby asked.

"Yes, Bobby, everybody."

"Rich people and poor people and people who, live far away and everybody?" Bobby wanted to know.

"I am sure he does, dear."

"Even bad people who hurt other people?" Bobby went on.

"I think God is sorry when anyone hurts anyone else, Bobby. But I think God goes on loving everybody and trying to help each one be good."

"I don't love bad people."

"Most of us do not love bad people," his mother agreed.

"I don't see why God loves bad people."

"You see, dear, God is much wiser than we are. He knows more about people than we do. He understands all that they do. He knows that bad people are not happy and he feels sorry for them. He wants them to be good."

"Does he punish them to make them good?"

"We do not know just how God works to help bad people be good. But we know he loves them and forgives them and wants always to help them."

There is ... one God and Father of all. EPHESIANS 4:4, 6

Thou art a God ready to pardon. NEHEMIAH 9:17

He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. MATTHEW 5:45


BOBBY and his daddy had been for a walk. Bobby ran into the house and hugged his mother.

"We saw some baby kittens and some baby birds, and some ducks ... and everything," he said happily.

"I am glad you had a good time, Bobby," his mother told him.

"It was the nicest walk I ever did have."

"I can tell it was a nice walk, dear. You look so glad."

Bobby climbed up on the couch by his mother. "God planned a nice world, didn't he?"

"God planned a beautiful and a good world, Bobby.

"We ought to be good, too. Yes, we ought."

"I think so, too, Bobby. God depends on us to keep the world beautiful and good as he planned it to be. That is the very best way to thank him for all the things that make us happy."

The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. PSALMS 33:5

Oh give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good. PSALMS 118:1

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