One day Jesus was riding along the road.

He was going to a great city.

Many of His friends were with Him.

They knew that He was going away soon.

They knew that He was going to live

with His Father in heaven.

They wanted to show their love for Him.

They began to sing songs about Him.

They said, "Hosanna in the highest.

Hosanna in the highest."

Many of the people took off their coats

and spread them along the way.

Many of them cut the branches from the

trees and spread them in the way.

Many children were with the crowd.

Can you see them in the picture?

Do you see the beautiful leaves they are carrying?

And see the flowers they are dropping!

That is because they loved Jesus so dearly.

Jesus loved the little children.

He loved to hear their sweet voices.

They sang, "Hosanna in the highest."

Will you love Him, and sing to Him?

He will hear you and love you.

"Praise Him, praise Him,

All ye little children.

`He is love!

He is love!' "