When Jesus grew to be a man,

He helped so many sick people.

One day He was so very busy.

People were crowding around Him.

They were bringing sick people

for Him to help.

Some mothers were talking to each other.

One of them said,

"If Jesus would touch our children,

I am sure they would always be good."

Another mother said,

"If He would just put His hands

on their heads, I should be glad."

The mothers thought they would see

if they could get near Jesus.

They took their little children and tried

to get close to Him.

Some of Jesus' friends thought

it would not be right

for them to do that.

They said, "Don't bring the children.

He hasn't time for them."

Jesus saw what His friends were doing.

He felt very sorry

for what they had said.

He said, "Let the little children come."

He took them up in His arms.

He put His hands on their heads.


They crowded around Him.

He loved them very dearly.

The children loved Jesus dearly, too.

Would you like to hear what Jesus said

about little children?

These are his words:

"Suffer the little children

to come unto me,

and forbid them not,

for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Then Jesus turned to His people and said,

"If you want to go to heaven,

you will have to be as good

as these children."