Once a shepherd had a hundred sheep.

Some of the sheep were big.

Some of the sheep were little.

The shepherd loved his sheep.

He gave each a name.

One little lamb was Snowball.

Snowball was white and clean.

The shepherd took good care of his sheep.

He led them in green pastures.

He led them by the cool waters.

One day Snowball went too far away.

The shepherd did not miss him at first.

He did not miss Snowball

until he reached home.

He counted his sheep as he put

them in the pen.

He could only find ninety-nine!

One sheep was gone!

The shepherd called all his sheep.

He called, "Snowball! Snowball!"

But Snowball did not come.

Then the shepherd started out

to find Snowball.

He had a hard time.

At last he heard a little lamb crying.

It said, "Baa! Baa!"

The shepherd took it up in his arms.

He carried it home.

Snowball was glad.

His mother was glad.

But the shepherd was gladdest of all.