Once there was an old king.

Many people lived in his country.

Some of the people were slaves to him.

The Father in heaven loved the slaves.

They were His own people.

The king made them work so hard.

But God was taking care of them.

He said, "I will send a strong man

to take my people away.

He will take them to a beautiful place.

They will be very happy there."

The wicked king looked at God's people.

He said, "They are very strong-looking.

They are getting stronger every day.


They will soon be better than my people.

Maybe they will take my country.

I must think of some way to stop them."

The king sent his soldiers to kill

all the little boy babies.

But there was one little boy baby

that the soldiers did not get.

Listen and you shall hear about him.

The little baby's mother knew

what the king was doing.

His sister knew what the king was doing.

The mother said,

"Oh, the king must not get

my little baby.

What shall I do?"

Then she thought of such a lovely plan.

She called her little girl to her.

She said, "Oh, Miriam, I think we can

save the baby.

You will help mother, won't you?"

Miriam was so glad to help her mother.

They gathered rushes and grasses and

made the most wonderful little

basket boat.

Pretty soon it was all finished.

The mother kissed her little baby

and put him in it.

Then Miriam kissed the baby.


Miriam said, "Be good, little brother.

I will stay close to you."

Then Miriam and mother took

the little boat away.

They took it to the river-side.

They said, "The princess will find it here.

She will not hurt the baby."

Miriam hid in the tall grasses.

She watched the little boat.

Pretty soon the princess came.

She saw the little basket boat.

She sent some one to get it for her.

She opened the basket

and there was the baby.

The baby was crying.

The princess took him in her arms.

He stopped crying and looked at her.

He had beautiful brown eyes.

The princess loved him very dearly.

She said, "I will keep him for my son."

Just then Miriam came running up.

She said, "Princess, do you want

a nurse for your baby?"

The princess said, "Yes, I do.

Can you find a nurse for me?"

Miriam ran home for her mother.

She said, "Oh, mother, come quickly.

The princess wants a nurse for baby."

The mother was so glad to go.

Now the king would not hurt the baby.


The princess said,

"I shall call his name Moses, because

I drew him out of the water."