In the far-away country where Jesus

lived there was a beautiful home.

A mother and a father and

a little girl lived there.

They loved each other very dearly.

The man was very rich.

He was a very good man, too.

The mother was very dear and sweet.

The little girl was beautiful and kind.

One day the little girl became very sick.

Her father and mother tried to help her.

They did everything for her.

But she did not get any better.

The man said, "I will go for Jesus.

He will make our little girl well.

He has helped so many people

to get well.

I am sure He will come.

I will go and ask Him.

The man ran to find Jesus.


Jesus was so very busy.

He was healing many sick people.

The man ran out to Him and said,

"Our little girl is very sick.

Come and put your hands on her

that she may live."

There were many sick people there

and Jesus could not get away.

Then a man came running and said,

"Do not bother Jesus any more.

Your little girl is dead."

Jesus looked at the poor father, and said,

"Do not fear, only believe."

Then Jesus went to the man's house.

So many people were there.

The people were all crying.


Jesus said, "Why are you crying?

The child is not dead.

She is just asleep."

Jesus went to the room where the

little girl was.

The father and mother went with Him.

He went right over to the bed

where she was lying.

He took her by the hand, and said,

"Little girl, stand up."

The most wonderful thing happened!

The little girl stood up and walked.

Jesus said, "Give her something to eat."

The father and mother were very happy.

They thanked Jesus over and over again,

for making their little girl well.