Once there was a great man.

He had a little boy.

He loved his little boy dearly.

He lived in a city.

Jesus lived in the same city.

Sometimes Jesus went away

to other cities.

One day when He was gone away

the little boy became sick.

He grew worse and worse.

The man said, "Oh, if Jesus were here!

I know He would cure my little boy."

But Jesus was twenty miles away.

The poor man said, "I will go after Him.

I am sure He will come."

It took a long time to go twenty miles.

The man went just as fast as he could.


At last he found Jesus.

He fell down at Jesus' feet.

He said, "Oh, Jesus,

come to my home, will you?

my little boy is sick.

If you come you can make him well."

Jesus talked kindly to the man.

But the man was so afraid

the little boy would die that he said,

"Sir, come down ere my child die."

Jesus knew that it would take

a long time to go.

He knew how sad the man was.

He knew how hard it would be

for the man to wait

until he got home.

So the good, kind Jesus thought,

"I will not keep him waiting.

I will cure the boy now."

He turned to the man and said,

"Go home, your son is alive."


The man was so glad!

He believed what Jesus had said.

He started right home.

As he was going along the road,

some men came running to him.

They said, "Your little boy is better."

The man said, "When did he get better?"

The servants said, "Yesterday."

The man said, "Oh, that was the time

that I talked to Jesus."

The man hurried home.

Sure enough! The little boy was well.

The man told his family all about

the good, kind Jesus.

They all thanked Jesus for helping

the little boy.