The shepherds were glad when the baby Jesus was born.

They went to visit Him.

The Wise-men were glad too.

They took beautiful gifts to Jesus.

But there was an old king who was not glad.

He did not like the baby Jesus.

He thought Jesus would be the king  in his place.

The old king said to the Wise-men,

"Come and tell me

when you find the baby Jesus.

I want to go to worship Him, too."

The wicked king did not want

to worship Jesus.

He wanted to harm the little baby.

God in heaven was watching.

He said to the Wise-men,

"Do not go back to the king's house.

Go back home another way."

The Wise-men did what God told them.

Then an angel came to Joseph.

The angel said to Joseph,

"Take. Jesus and Mary away.

For the king will try to harm Jesus."

Joseph took Mary and Jesus away off.

They went on a long, long trip,

away off from the bad king's country.

After awhile the wicked king died.

The angel came to Joseph again.

He told Joseph to take Mary

and Jesus back home.

Joseph was very happy.

He put Mary and the baby

on a little donkey.

And off they started

on the long trip home.

They were very glad to get back again.

Mary was so very happy

to have the little baby with her.