Once upon a time there was a good old man.

His name was Simeon.

Simeon lived in God's house

and took care of it.

Simeon had been good all his life.

He had tried to do just what

God wanted him to.

Many times he talked to God.

Many times God talked to Simeon.

One day He said, "Simeon,

some day you shall see Jesus."

Simeon was so glad, for he knew

that Jesus was to be the Saviour and King.

He kept looking for the new King.

When the baby Jesus

was about forty days old,

Mary and Joseph planned

to take Him to the temple.

One day they took the baby

and started out.

They had a long, long trip.

Just outside of the temple there

was a man selling doves.

Sometimes people bought the doves

and offered them to God.

That was their way of thanking Him.

When Mary and Joseph

saw the man with the doves

they bought two of them.

They wanted to show their thanks to

God for the baby Jesus.

Mary took the doves and the baby into the temple.

The old man Simeon came

and took baby Jesus in his arms.


Then God told Simeon a wonderful secret.

He told Simeon that this was Jesus.

The old man was so very happy.

He looked at the baby

and held Him in his arms.

The old man said beautiful things about Jesus.

Nothing had ever made him so happy before.

A good woman lived in the temple, too.

Her name was Anna.

Anna knew that Jesus was coming,

and she was looking for Him, too.

When Simeon was talking to the baby she came up.

She was just as glad and happy

as Simeon had been.

Anna was a very great woman, and

she told so many people of Jesus.

After awhile Mary and Joseph

took Jesus back home again.