Once there was a wonderful star.

It was brighter than all the other stars.

It twinkled

and it twinkled

and it twinkled.

It made the sky look pretty.

The star wanted to tell a story.

Some Wise-men were watching it.

They were looking up at the sky.

They seemed to be looking for a new star.

They looked

and they looked

and they looked.

At last they saw such a bright star.

They said: "Oh, there is a new star.

It must be the one we are looking for.

It must be the one that

tells us about the new King."

The men were so happy and glad

to see the new star.


It seemed to say to them,

"Come with me and I will show you

where to find the baby Jesus."

The Wise-men began to get ready to go.

They brought the big camels

to ride upon.


They said, "Let us take

some gifts to the baby."

One Wise-man had ever so much gold.

One Wise-man had sweet perfume.

The other Wise-man had rich gifts for Jesus.

At last they were all ready to start.

The men got up on the camels' backs

and rode a long, long way.

They watched the wonderful star.

 It shone as brightly as it could.

It shone

and it shone

and it shone.

The camels walked on and on.

They went ever so far.

Sometimes the Wise-men would get

down from the camels' backs.

They would let the camels rest awhile.

The Wise-men went to see King Herod.

They said: "King Herod, can you tell

us where to find the new King?

We have seen His star in the east.

We want to worship Him.

We are so glad that He has come."

King Herod could not tell them.

He did not know about Jesus.

He did not know where to find Him.

He said, "Come back when

you find Him. I want to see Him, too."

Then the men got on the camels again.

They went a long, long way.

The star went before them.

It stopped right over the house where the baby Jesus was.

The Wise-men took their presents into the house.

They got down on their knees and worshiped Jesus.

They were very happy because they had seen Him.