It was night in a far-away country.

The stars were shining brightly.

The little children were all asleep.

The mothers and fathers were asleep, too.

Out on a hillside some shepherds

were watching their sheep.

The shepherds were not asleep.

They watched their sheep all the time.

They did not want any of the sheep

to get away.

They did not want anything

to hurt the sheep.

So they watched and watched.

They sat on the ground and talked.

All at once something wonderful


A bright light shone in the sky.

It was brighter than the stars.

It shone

and it shone

and it shone.

They saw an angel in the light.

The angel spoke to the shepherds.

They had never heard an angel speak.

The shepherds saw the bright light.

He said, "I bring you good news.

I have come to tell you

that Jesus is born.

You will find Him over in the city.

You will find Him in a stable.

He is lying in a manger."

The shepherds listened to every word.

Then more angels came.

More and more came until the sky

seemed to be full of them.

They all sang together.

Their song was a beautiful one.

It must have been pretty,

for there were so many angels

to sing it.

These are the words they sang:

The Angels' Song

 Glory to God in the highest, And peace on earth, good-will to men. Luke 2: 14