Do you see the picture of the shepherd boy?

Do you see the little lamb in his arms?

Do you see the big lion on the ground?

The boy's name is David.

David was a good shepherd.

He took good care of the sheep.

He was very kind to the little lambs.

He loved the sheep and lambs dearly

In the morning David would take

the sheep out to pasture.

He took them where the grass

was fresh and green.

He took them where the water

was fresh and sweet.


Sometimes he would talk to the sheep.

Sometimes he would play with the lambs.

David had a beautiful harp.

He liked to carry it with him.

Sometimes he would sing songs.

Sometimes he would play on his harp.

Do you think the sheep liked the music?

One time when David was playing his

harp, an old bear came running among the sheep.

He caught a little lamb.

Quick as a wink he ran away with it.

David saw the bear and ran after it.

He took the lamb away from the bear.

Then the bear tried to hurt David.


David struck the bear and killed him.

Another day a big lion

came into the flock.

He slipped up and caught a little lamb.

David saw the lion just in time.

He ran after the lion and took

the lamb away from him.

The lion tried to hurt David, too.

Then David caught the lion.

He caught the long hair

on the lion's chin.

He hurt the lion so bad that it died.

Do you think God helped David

kill the lion and the bear?