"Samuel! Samuel!" called a voice one night. And Samuel, the young boy who lay asleep, wakened at once. "Some one called my name, it must be Eli" he thought, and quickly he called back, "Here am I!" Then he rose and ran to the bedside of an old man named Eli who was sleeping near by. "Here am I!" he said again. But Eli told him he had not called. "I must have been dreaming," thought Samuel.

When Samuel lay still on his bed again, the voice called as before, "Samuel! Samuel!" And Samuel knew then that he had not been dreaming. Once more he ran to Eli, saying, "Here am l, you must have called me!"

The old man was surprised when Samuel came the second time. "I did not call," said he. "Go back and lie down again."

Then the third time Samuel heard that voice, and he believed that surely Eli was calling. But Eli said, "I have not called. It may be that you are hearing God's voice. Return to your bed again, and if the voice calls, say, 'Speak Lord, for Thy servant is listening'', then lie still and listen to God's words."

Samuel went back once more to his bed, and soon he heard God's voice again. This time he lay very still, and said, "Speak to me, Lord, for I am listening." And God talked to him. -1 Samuel 3:1-14.