Peter's home was near the sea. When he was a small boy he learned how to catch fish. When he grew up he became a fisherman. Every day he went down to the seaside, stepped into a boat, and rowed away from the shore. Out where the water was deep he dropped a net over the side of the boat and waited until some fishes swam into it. Then he drew the net out of the water and emptied the fishes into the boat. These he brought to shore and sold.

Peter's brother and several of his friends were fishermen, too. They worked together catching fish. One day while these men were fishing near the seashore, some one came walking by. This one was Jesus. They had seen him before, and knew he was not like other men. They wished to know him better. So when he called to them they left their nets and fishes and went with him.

Jesus loved these fishermen. He called them his friends. He taught them many things about God's great love. He told them, too, about heaven. After a while these fishermen began to tell others about God's love. They healed sick folk just as Jesus had taught them to do. They brought joy to many who had been unhappy. -Mark 1:16, 17.