When Joseph was a small boy there were ten older brothers in his home. These brothers were sometimes unkind to him. They were sometimes untrue to their father, Jacob.

Little Joseph loved his father and obeyed him. He often ran errands for him. He was always careful to tell the truth.

Because Joseph was kind and obedient his father planned a surprise for him. He made a pretty coat of many different colors. When the coat was finished he called Joseph and showed it to him. "This beautiful coat shall be yours," he said.

One day Joseph's father sent him out to the field where his brothers were at work. When they saw him coming, they planned to hurt him. They caught him roughly and tore off the pretty coat. Then they put him down into a deep hole. Afterwards they took him out of the hole and sent him to a strange, far-away land. Then they took his pretty coat home to their father. "We found this lying in the field," they said. This was untrue, and God was displeased with them. Their father felt very unhappy; he believed Joseph was dead.

But God took care of Joseph, and after a while he grew up a great, good man and his father went to live with him. Genesis 37:2-4.