Abraham was an old, old man. He lived in a tent-home with his wife, Sarah, who was also very old.

Because Abraham loved God he always did what God told him to do. He treated other people kindly, too. God was pleased with this. He gave Abraham many good things.

For a long, long time Abraham and Sarah wished for a baby boy. But none had ever come to them. Now they were so old that they thought they should never have such a blessing. Their tent-home was lonely.

Then one day three strange visitors came. These visitors were from heaven. They knew Abraham was a good man. They knew, too, how lonely he and Sarah had been because they had no children. Before going away they told Abraham that God was going to give him and Sarah a dear little baby boy.

This was good news to Abraham and Sarah. When the baby came they felt very happy. They called his name Isaac, which means "laughter"; for they had both laughed for joy.

When little Isaac grew from babyhood he learned how to do many useful things. He loved his father and mother, and was always kind to them. He loved God, too. -Genesis 21:5, 6.