The people in our story were called God's people. They lived long ago. Their homes were in tents, not in houses. They lived in country places, away from towns and cities. They kept many cattle and sheep.

When the cattle and sheep ate all the grass in one place, the people moved to another. They could easily take down their tents, fold them, and carry them off to the next place. In a short time they could put up the tents and be at home once more.

At the time of our story the grass had dried on the hillsides and in the valleys. The water in the wells, the brooks, and the rivers had dried up, too. No rain had fallen for many days. And nowhere in all that land would grass grow for the animals to eat. Nowhere would grain and corn and vegetables grow for people to eat.

Then the people in our story took down their tents and moved to another land, called Goshen. Here they found plenty of green grass and plenty of water. They found plenty of food for themselves, too. So they stayed in this land of Goshen for many years. -Genesis 47:6.