A School Adventure

 I want to tell you some "adventure" I had at school. First I went to school, then at recess I didn't mean to, but accidentally hurt my friend, C__'s, feelings by threatening to kick her out of the stick club. Because she was taking our toys. Then she got upset and then the next day I refused to tell the principal if we could have spirit week because they didn't include me in the vote about it. So that made C__ very upset  so she told the other girls about what I did and they started to make a club with all the girls except me and talked bad about me. Well the 3rd grade girls, M___ and Y__, didn't know what the meeting was about until they heard it was all about talking bad about me.

Well that made them quit, 1 because it was wrong to gossip, 2 because they wanted to have a nice clean heart,  and 3 because they knew that I would never do anything like that on purpose. After they quit the club they told me that the other girls said that they were talking about me and they also said I was acting like the queen of the world. So I was really upset and heartbroken because C__ used to be my BFF, and now she turned against me. That evening I told my parents. And Y_ told her parents, crying, saying that those girls were so mean and said that her dad, the pastor, would not like it. M__ was too ashamed to tell her parents.

The next day, today, they said they were sorry but I was so upset that I didn't feel like trusting them or forgiving them. Until lunch I sat with them and told them I forgave them. That evening at school our teacher, Mr. R__ called us for a meeting he read us a verse, "If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over." (Matthew 18:15) Well in this case its a sister. After that I came up to him and told him that I knew why he told the story. After he left the classroom I told my friends," I know why he told us this, do you?" They all replied," Yes." And now I am glad we are friends again. I wanted to tell you this because if you wanted to put this on your website for a spiritual lesson you can, it's not copywrited. :) 

I also wanted to tell you because I just thought about what you would say about it. I learned a huge lesson never gossip, before you tell the teacher, talk privately, and be kind. But I am thankful to God for providing this experience I learned a new memory verse. I love, absolutely love, talking to you. I am thankful you are there for me. Thanks for listening.

Dear Granny,

I just want to tell you of a "adventure" me and my family had at a fair. We were having a great time, trying out the rides, playing games and stuff. We were about to leave when my Dad found out he had lost his car keys! We became very worried and wondered what to do. The fair did not seem fun anymore. It was getting dark and we needed to get home but how could we with out the keys? Plus, the fair was a big place and it could be anywhere!

So, we found a private place to pray. My father first of all thanked the Lord for taking care of us, and then he asked that God may show him where our keys were. Believe it or not, after my dad searched a while, he found the  keys! We were able to go home and we were very thankful that God answered our prayer.

You are very welcome to put my letter on you website, I hope it will encourage others to bring their trials to Jesus! =)