In the beginning of time on earth, God made a man, Adam, and he made for him a lady, Eve, to be his wife. They were married together and God said that when children grew up to be men and women, they were to marry and start their own homes and have children of their own.

Men were to marry women and women were to marry men.

 People and even boys and girls today are being told that being 'GAY' is just fine and no different than being 'normal'. It is also called 'Homo-sexual'. It means men going out with other men instead of going out with women; and women going out with other women instead of going out with men. 

Now God told us that this was not right to do. God does not tell us not to do something unless He knows it will be bad for us to do this. People today are trying to say it is not bad for them to do this.

Here are the facts:


Stay away from homosexuality, if you do not want to have a miserable, disease-ridden life and an early death—avoid it as the plague.

Whenever you see photos of men and women who admit they are gays or videos of them marching in Washington, D.C., New York City, San Francisco, or elsewhere—you only see young ones. Most are in their twenties, and a few are in their thirties.

The older ones are generally dead or in such bad shape they can no longer take part in such marches. Many of the younger ones are also sick with various diseases or dying in hospitals, and not in attendance.

Everyone knows that smoking, alcohol, and fast driving will kill you. But being GAY will kill you quicker.

The median (average middle number) age of death for gays is about the same nationwide: Less than 2% survive until old age. The average American now lives to be about 70. For male gays who die of AIDS, the median age is 39. For male gays who die of something else, the median age at death is 42. The median age at death of lesbians ( Gay Women) is 44.

Don't be fooled - Being 'GAY' is not cool: it is a miserable life and an early death!

It is always safe to obey what God tells us in the Bible. 

Here is a letter we received in 2007 from a Doctor who takes care of these folk--it has some big words in it but he is telling us that what we say it true - Being Gay ends up to be no fun at all!!

I am a board-certified Physician, and I would like to say that your synopsis on
homosexuality was quite possibly the best documented, and most enlightening
presentation I have ever read on the subject.  I trained at San Francisco General
Hospital and I can verify 1st hand that what you say about the rampant, suicide,
homicide, domestic violence and disease among the gay community is 100% true.  In
the cases of homosexuals (both men and women) that I had the great honor and
privilege of caring for day after day, I saw the greatest cry of human suffering
imaginable.  I want to personally thank you for your ministry and helping me as I
help my patients to reclaim their health, both physical and spiritual.

Sincerely yours,