Nature Poems

It Sings Inside

My little kitty sings inside

In such a funny way;

And what is queer, she keeps it up

Through all the whole long day.

So when I grumbly, growly grow,

And fret at this and that,

Then mother says, "You'd better sing

Inside, like pussy cat."

Liuie De Armond.  

God's Teaching

WHO taught the bird to build her nest

Of wool, and hay, and moss?

Who taught her how to weave it best,

And lay the twigs across?


Who taught the busy bee to fly

Among the sweetest flowers,

And lay her store of honey by

To eat in winter hours?


Who taught the little ant the way

Her narrow home to bore,

And through the pleasant summer's day,

To gather up her store?


'Twas God who taught them all the way,

And gave their little skill;

Who teaches children when they pray

To do His holy will. - Selected.