Make your Own Greeting Cards
Coloring Projects

These are good quality, printable PDF files. Click on the Picture Name with your Mouse; Save the Picture PDF where you want it on your computer. Then you can print it.

Instructions: Each PDF file contains the outside and inside of the card. Print page 1,  then turn the paper, making sure it is facing the right way for your printer, and print page 2 on the other side. You can then color the pictures and finally fold it carefully in half, with the big picture on the outside, to make your Greeting Card.

  1. Thinking of you - card1.pdf
  2. Friendly Hello - card2.pdf
  3. Birthday - card3.pdf
  4. Cheery Hello - card4.pdf
  5. Get Well - card5.pdf
  6. Cheery Hello 2 - card6.pdf
  7. Text - card7.pdf
  8. Text - card8.pdf
  9. Plain - card9.pdf
  10. Plain - card10.pdf